May 25, 2022
Why are sex dolls so popular among Asian men

Why are sex dolls so popular among Asian men

It’s never been easier to own a sex doll. There was formerly a stigma associated with the topic, and having sex with one was frowned upon and considered taboo. However, times have changed, and more information about sex dolls is now available. People are also increasingly aware of the numerous advantages of having a sex doll. Furthermore, people seeking the sex doll of their dreams have more options and customizations than ever before.

With a market share of 70%, China is the biggest manufacturer of sex dolls, but did you know that Chinese men are also among the top buyers? BBdoll company has many amazing sex dolls from the most popular sex dolls brands and trusted manufacturers. While the majority of the dolls get exported, Chinese males are more than eager to indulge in this iconic treat, especially now that social segregation is enforced in most areas.

Why are realistic lifelike sex dolls popular among Asian men, particularly in China? We appreciate the boost in business these days, especially since Covid19 quarantine and lockdown forced everyone to stay and home. But we need to figure out what’s causing this uptick in business. And in this post, we’ll go over a number of the reasons behind the spike in sex doll popularity.

Here are a few reasons why these love dolls are so popular in the Red Dragon nation.

Gender Imbalance

The looming scarcity of women across China is one of the main reasons more men prefer to have sex with sex dolls. In China, there is a massive gender imbalance. According to Statista’s 2019 study, China has 713 million men and 681 million women, a difference that is widening by the day. There are around 116 men for every 100 women to put things in perspective.

Remember that this analysis looked at population trends from 2008 to 2018. Thus the numbers have changed, and the gender gap is more noticeable today. So, what do these figures imply? It’s very simple. There aren’t enough fish in the water. Thus, most males must find other methods to satisfy their sexual needs and desires.

It’s harder than ever to find someone special, and date amid the new baseline of social distancing, lockdowns, and viruses and dolls is helping men in need. The truth is that real-life sex dolls are more than simple sex toys. Many happy customers reported that they form an emotional bond with their dolls, enjoy companionship, and no longer feel alone; sex dolls can combat anxiety during these difficult times.

Furthermore, China’s sex doll designers are the finest in this multibillion-dollar industry does not make much difference. Chinese males have access to many realistic, lifelike sex dolls, making the transition simpler.

Counter Rapid Population Growth: Famed One-Descendent Policy

In 1980, China’s central government implemented a statewide one-son policy as a countermeasure to the country’s fast population growth. In a long-running programme that ended in 2016, the policy forced Chinese families by law to have only one descendent.

Even though the programme got terminated six years ago, the consequences continue to affect the East Asian nation. The effects of China’s ageing population and the persistent gender imbalance induced by the Chinese practice of bearing sons still plague the country even today.

When families were only permitted to have one descendant, the Chinese males sought sanctuary in lifelike adult dolls. Know what I mean? There’s no danger of conception, she’s never nagging, and she’s always in a good mood. It’s a great mix. Don’t you agree?

The popularity of sex dolls grew throughout this time, and the improvements in design and functionality of the dolls only added to the appeal. Because of the contentious regulation, more Chinese males now prefer sex with a sex doll over sex with women.

New Possibilities, Fantasies and a Submissive Partner

Dolls, unlike women, are the best companions you’ll ever have. There’s no pressure to do your best, no one judges, and you can have sex at any time of day or night. Chinese men get acclimated to the notion of relaxed sex over time.

Get a realistic-looking sex doll from BBdoll with a mellow voice and an expertly sculpted vagina, and have fun. In reality, the majority of the love dolls are waterproof, which opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for your imagination.

Often Doll companions are seen as a great alternative to women, with many benefits. They are constantly in a good mood, relaxed, and never show their emotions. While drilling her from behind, you can even watch porn. Isn’t it incredible?

A way to let Fantasies run Wild

We all have dark fantasies that we can’t seem to let go of in our daily lives. Men, in particular, have a long list of things they would love doing or have done to them. Some people, for example, prefer anal sex, but their spouses would never let it—some guys like being energetic and domineering in bed, which others might perceive as sexual assault.

And, while some may regard it as an everyday occurrence, people are being prosecuted for it, a trend that only adds to the overarching demand for adult love dolls. These exquisite dolls provide a secure setting for you to act out your wildest fantasies. There will be no court summons, divorce papers, or adverse consequences from fulfilling your desires. It has to be lovely. Right?

That’s it! Sex dolls have gone a long way over the years, and it’s no wonder that their popularity has grown. More dolls are available than ever before, and owning one has never been easier.

Sex dolls are pure pleasure goddesses ready to release your sexual desires and provide you with the most satisfactory sex you’ve ever had. China is the world’s biggest provider of sex dolls, and most Chinese people appreciate the numerous advantages of possessing one.

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